Beat the banks at their own game!

3 Key Features

Low Risk: Let’s just say it: It’s smart to be concerned not only with return “on” your investment, but also with the return “of” your investment. Rest assured. Like banks, we invest in low-risk real estate. And because we buy at below market rates, it’s better than the banks. The equity is always there.

Control: You retain full control. Your investment is paid directly at closing to the purchase, and is secured by title to the real estate. If you are unhappy at anytime we will work to buy you out.

High Return: Mostly commonly 8-12% of safe secure returns, back by real estate. We do the heavy-lifting. You collect the returns. Sit back. Relax.

The sad fact is that most people are not putting their hard-earned money to work. But you’re smarter than that. You know better. Here’s the deal. True Vestors is professional real estate investment company. And our business model is simple. We buy houses in need of repair at below market prices. Fix them up. And sell them at a profit.

Like banks, we too prefer the incredible security of real estate. But without using the bank as a middle-person, we pass the savings, or rather, profits, on to you. Save and secure returns at near 12%, backed by real estate. Now that’s a winning combination. If youd like to know more, please contact us through the form below.